My New Fancy Blog

I know as an entrepreneur and small business owner myself, that trying to learn how to market your business online is sooooo time consuming! There’s email marketing, social media marketing and of course my favorite, video marketing.
I’m here to help you de-mystify the technical stuff and give you that gentle nudge to “just get started”. So on this page you will find some self paced tutorials that teach you specific techniques on tools like WordPress, PowerPoint (to create easy videos) and Webinars. Now make sure you get on the mailing list because I’ll be introducing a couple of new products very soon (juicy stuff like setting up your very first email marketing campaign from scratch, and the beginners guide to using Camtasia Studio not only as a screen-capture tool, but as a video editor as well).
If you can’t see what you’re looking for below, or you are suffering total overwhelm and need a little bit more help and guidance, you can have it! Check out our internet marketing consulting page and see how you can work with me personally, one-on-one.
How to Make a Video – from Start to Stardom
Do you want to get started creating your own videos but just don’t know where to start? Well this online training is for you! 7 easy to follow modules that take you through the fundamentals, use the free editing software that comes with your PC, create awesome video effects just by using PowerPoint, and of course how to upload your video to YouTube and embed it in your website or blog. All sounds pretty straight forward doesn’t it? And that’s because it is. This is absolute beginners stuff, no expensive video cameras, no expensive software, no technical jargon and no experience needed! Click here if you want to learn how to make a video!
Online Seminar Success: Get More Leads and Clients Online with Webinars
These days, it’s no longer enough to have a fantastic, information-packed website. Your market is looking for interactive, hands-on learning opportunities, and you can rest assured your competition is providing just that in the form of live webinars and virtual events. Yet with all the hours you’re already putting in just managing your business, it can seem an impossible task to learn (and master) another marketing tool. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. But I’ve got good news for you…
Our four-part video series will walk you through, step-by-step, the process of planning, scheduling, hosting and profiting from webinars, quickly and easily. Starting at the very beginning I hold your hand every step of the way. And best of all, it’s ready whenever you are and you’ll be able to work at your own pace. Learn how you can get started with Webinars here.
How to Use PowerPoint to Create Killer Videos
You can easily create an engaging and interesting video, simply by creating a PowerPoint presentation and converting it into video, either directly in PowerPoint itself, or export it to Camtasia Studio for extra tweaking and effects.
You probably think you need a lot of expensive software to create an online video, but that simply isn’t the case. You don’t need Adobe Premiere, Photoshop or any of those other expensive video and image editing software programs. All you need is Microsoft PowerPoint – your probably already own it! And if not, you can usually download a free trial version to get you started.
Use PowerPoint to make awesome graphics, title slides and animated splash videos – save yourself a ton of time (and money) by doing it yourself and not handing over your hard earned cash to a developer.
I have created 3 video tutorials that will take you through, step-by-step how to create your own video using PowerPoint. This is 90 minutes of content that you can access forever. Learn more about our PowerPoint course here.
WordPress Basics for Beginners
Millions of people use WordPress because it’s so easy and Google loves it! WordPress gives you a website that’s easy to update, looks professional, and has the latest technology build in. Custom websites cost thousands of dollars, and usually you can’t change them yourself, you have to pay your developer for every little update to your site. That can add up to extra hundreds of dollars…per year! This training will help you avoid that particular money pit!
WordPress Basics for Beginners will take you through how to get your domain and hosting organised, install wordpress, create pages and add content, plus so much more. Find out how you can get started using WordPress to create your own website today!